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Refereed Journal Articles

[under review] Sanker, C. and AnderBois, S. Reconstruction of nasality and other aspects of A'ingae phonology.


Sanker, C. (2023). How do headphone checks impact perception data? Laboratory phonology 14(1). [link]

Sanker, C. (2022). Homophone discrimination based on prior exposure. Journal of Phonetics  95. Article 101182 [pdf]

Sanker, C., Babinski, S., Burns, R., Evans, M., Johns, J., Kim, J., Smith, S., Weber, N., and Bowern, C. (2021)   (Don't) try this at home! The effects of recording devices and software on phonetic analysis. Language 97(4). e360-e382. [link]

Repetti-Ludlow, C., Zhang, H., Gutman, R., Lucitante, H., AnderBois, S., and Sanker, C. (2020). A phonetic sketch of A'ingae (Cofán). Journal of the International Phonetic Association: Illustrations of the IPA 50(3). 431-444. [link]

Sanker, C. (2020). A perceptual pathway for voicing-conditioned vowel duration. Laboratory Phonology 11(1). Art. 18. [link]


Cohen Priva, U. and Sanker, C. (2020). Natural Leaders: Some interlocutors elicit greater convergence across conversations and across characteristics. Cognitive Science 44(10). Article e12897.

Cohen Priva, U. and Sanker, C. (2019). Limitations of difference-in-difference for measuring convergence. Laboratory Phonology 10(1). Article 15. [link]


Sanker, C. (2019). Influence of coda stop features on perceived vowel duration. Journal of Phonetics 75. 43-56. [pdf]


Sanker, C. (2019). Effects of lexical ambiguity, frequency, and acoustic details in auditory perception. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 81. 323-343. [pdf]

Sanker, C. (2018). Hurrian meter and phonology in the Boğazköy Parables. Journal of the American Oriental Society 138(2). 227-253. [pdf]

Sanker, C. (2018). A survey of experimental evidence for diachronic change. Linguistics Vanguard 4(1). Article 20170039. [pdf]

Conference Proceedings and Others

Sanker, C. (2023). Perceptual discrimination of proper names and homophonous common nouns. Proceedings of the 34th Western Conference on Linguistics, 58-69. Ed. S. Akamine. [pdf]


Sanker, C. (2023). Working with little data: Supplementary methods in placing Egyptian. Ancient Egyptian and Afroasiatic: Rethinking the origins. Eds. M.V. Almansa-Villatoro and S. Štubnová Nigrelli. Eisenbrauns.

Sanker, C. (2021). Convergence doesn't show lexically-specific phonetic detail. Supplemental Proceedings of the 2020 Annual Meeting on Phonology. [pdf]

Sanker, C. (2020). Lexical ambiguity and acoustic distance in discrimination. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 5, 431-445. [pdf]

Sanker, C. (2019). Effects of coda voicing on vowel phonation. Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Melbourne, Australia 2019, 3323-3327. [pdf]


Sanker, C. (2018). Effects of laryngeal features on vowel duration: Implications for Winter's Law. Papers in Historical Phonology 3. 180-205. [pdf]


Cohen Priva, U. and Sanker, C. (2018). Distinct behaviors in convergence across measures. CogSci 2018 Proceedings,  1515-1520. [pdf]

Yang, S., Sanker, C., and Cohen Priva, U. (2018). The Organization of lexicons: A cross-linguistic analysis of monosyllabic words. Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2018, 164-173. [pdf]


Sanker, C. (2016). Phonetic features of the PIE 'Laryngeals': Evidence from misperception data of modern gutturals. Proceedings of the 27th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, 163-81. [pdf]


Sanker, C. (2015). Comparison of phonetic convergence in multiple measures. Cornell Working Papers in Phonetics and Phonology 2015, 60-75. [pdf]


Sanker, C. (2015). Patterns of misperception of Arabic consonants. Proceedings of the Forty-First Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, February 7-8, 2015. [pdf]


Tilsen, S., Zec, D., Bjorndahl, C., Butler, B., L'Esperance, M., Fisher, A., Heimisdottir, L., Renwick, M., and Sanker, C. (2012). A cross-linguistic investigation of articulatory coordination in word-initial consonant clusters. Cornell Working Papers in Phonetics and Phonology 2012, 51-81. [pdf]

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